is there something going on?

finally we crawl out of our dark cave. 
there are some things coming up, we are really forward looking to: 


going west
8.5 Bielefeld / Potemkin w/ AUSZENSEITER
9.5 Aachen / AZ Aachen FEST 2015
10.5 Köln / tba. w / NAiVE
11.5 Berlin / Schokoladen 

going south with our friends MÜLLTÜTE
03.07 Nürnberg / K 31 
04.07 München / Kafe Marat FEST 2015 

going east
12.07 Leipzig / tba. 

x RECORDING .... tba. 

x FALL TOUR somewhere in EUROPE.....tba.

x SPREADING LOVE....always


O!M!G! - It's already 2015! - Was bisher geschah #3 // Previously #3:

We were so happy to join the amazing STREET EATERS for some shows on their tour through Europe for four dates. Also, we played two shows in Poland as well as our last show for 2014 in Berlin with the fabulous Piss Test.


3.11 Berlin @ Bei Ruth, w/ Street Eaters, Dead Tired
4.11 Potsdam @ Black Flag w/ Street Eaters
7.11 Braunschweig @ Nexus w/ Street Eaters
8.11 Hannover @ Stumpf Geburtstag w/ Street Eaters, Henry Fonda

14.11 Wochnia (PL) @ Mała Czarna
15.11 Krakow (PL) @ Klub RE w/ Drekoty, Oczi Cziorne
16.11 Berlin @ K 19 w/ Piss Test 

Levitations + Street Eaters in Hannover
Party hardy in Hannover. the day after...

....and again: more to come...


O!M!G! - It's already 2015! - Was bisher geschah #2 // Previously #2: Our third TOUR

uhmmm, yeah, you know we went to ESPAÑAAAAAAAA and BASQUE COUNTRY!!!
are we fucking kidding us? NO! it's really real and we can't be more happy and thankful and excited for that past opportunity! 
it was the best of times thanks to KENNY KENNY OH OH and our new superfriends JUANMA and HECTOR <3

the route:

16th sep -Valencia (la residencia)
17th sep -Madrid (rock palace)
18th sep -Getaria (gaztetxe)
19th sep -Logroño (villa truño)
20th sep -Barcelona (cso la astilla)
21th sep -Banyoles (csoa L'Estella)

just saying.
and there is so much more to say, so there's more to come. soonish ;)

Barceloneta Beach
  just representing at the beach...

Levitations representing in the rehearsal room...
 just representing in the rehearsal room...

Levitations representing the sweet death in the van...
just representing the sweet death in the van...

O!M!G! - It's already 2015!!! Was bisher geschah #1 // Previously #1:


Levitations T-Shirts

kaufe! buy! hier! here!


+ 17. Juli in Berlin: Schokoladen <3


+ 5. Juli in Potsdam. super awesome times!

Levitations in Potsdam
Levitations' After-Dinner-Happiness



amigas y amigos, 
a) we want to say 'hola' from our vacation/creative pause and 
b) let you know that we are planning on going south this year.
the advertisment started already: at the beach of barcelona!!!


Thank you Andreas Michalke for reviewing our 7" "partners in crime"!! But who the fuck are "The Levitations"? We are not a "the" band....But anyhow, THANK YOU!

YEAH! Can`t get enough!

nice nice nice.....

Thank you the le sigh!!!