11 hours car ride

We spent 11 hours way back home from Luzern, but it was totally worth it.
We loved to play at the Epplehaus in Tübingen, everything was really Banane, although the Tübinger Ordnungsamt didn`t like us. Bern is definetely the center of coziness, but also the center of wild and extatic dancing. We played at a very nice venue called Brasserie Lorraine, a restaurant run by a collective, with IMFALL, an all girl punk band from Zürich. The crowd was extraordinary nice. This was very Bern. At the party we met our first fan, who missed our set....but he had the chance to see us again in Luzern, where we played on saturday at the Industrie. Very drunken and very special people and the very best sound engineer, very drunken too, we met there. Daniel ist still in our hearts.
.....The night was short and we didn´t get a carepackage like Vialka - the band we played with - bummer....
11 hours in the car to see Hot Snakes.

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