looking back

Last weekend was a blast. We were again on tour with our friends DIN, which was absolutely fun and the best times for all of us. Finally we got the chance to play in Erlangen and Mainz, where, in both cities, we were invited by the most adorable people in the scene. In Erlangen it was fun to play although there weren't that many people, but hey it's winter and people love to hang out on their sofas at home. But Jess and Andi made our days down in the south, we are so much looking forward to spend some time with them, again. The show at Haus Mainusch was absolutely the best one we are remembering since a long time. Andalucia, a fresh new band from Muenster started this evening. This two men group really does something new and we really liked their sound and performance. We played next......it was so much fun. Then DIN took over stage and impressed everyone. A few of us tried to dance and party hard, but Steffi from DIN was the one and only hero of the night. Thanks to the checklist, everyone knew how many beer Steffi drank this night, which is not that complicated concerning the fact that all other band members are Straight Edge. On Sunday we played in Berlin at Tiefgrund. It's the first time we organized the show by ourselves. Surprisingly a lot of friends and other interested people came to see DISPLAY, DIN and LEVITATIONS. It was the 4th show by DISPLAY and we suppose they will have a bright future, they are really good. Our show was really ... something: bass string cracked, drum set destroyed itself and other stuff happened. It was outstanding!
Anyway, we would lie if we not would agree with the fact, that we nevertheless had a great time.

......Before we wanna talk about the future of Levitations, it's worth to take a look back into the past to sum up what happened in 2012. 

2012 started great for us. Thanks to our good planing and organization skills and to our friends from Kenny Kenny Oh Oh, we were able to go on tour in late February. In our memories this glorious time with Fritte, Olaf, Made and Kutte was the beginning of a big true love. Through their tremendous support throughout the whole year 2012 we were able to gain self-confidence in playing shows. In expressing how much they mean to us, we wrote a song which is called "partners in crime". Yes, our first love song. We played at the Fusion and did some other shows in Berlin and Leipzig. But the biggest plan for fall and winter 2012 was: RECORDING. We knew it was on time to record our stuff. First, we decided to record analogue, which we did. Sadly the recording machine ate the drum tracks. We could have released these recordings as "Levitations at the campfire", which we decided no to. 
Flo from CTCTR asked us to release a 7" on his label. So we worked very hard to find THE producer for Levitations. Finally we decided to record with Felix-Florian Toedtloff. Right before the end of the year we recorded 5 songs in his studio. It was a great experience for all of us. Although there is now a big hype about recording like the beatles, we really want to cite Trocotronic here: "Digital ist besser". 

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