It is so exciting, our first recording, still in the mixing process. Everything is in Felix`hands and we are so glad that he is working so hard on it. At the moment we are thinking about the cover of our first release, which is Levitations-like not easy at all. We have a big problem in deciding something or anything at all and when it comes to questions of aesthetics: 4 people means 4 opinions. 
So, working on the 7" is the current project, we are working on. Meanwhile, we decided to give us all a creative break in terms of touring or playing live. Caro and Elisa will have to finish their master thesises and we as Levitations really need time to work on new songs!
With the consequence that we most likely won`t play any shows till summer 2013. 

We`ll keep you udpated!
Stay tuned.
Your Levis

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